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Years of experience in car finance are enabling us to do things differently. For us, ‘modern’ means offering the latest and the best to our customers.

To be always one step ahead of your competitors. In 2004 ELG started as a leasing company with investments on the territory of Bulgaria and Macedonia, and to date 7 companies are working successfully in ELG

About us

Our development as a company has gone through various processes and stages. In such moments we were building step by step our identity, team and image.

Financial information

ELG's financial statements can be found here.

The companies in the Group

Since its incorporation, ELG has established several successful businesses in the leasing sector. In recent years, the company's development has taken a new direction, driven by changing consumer needs and the dynamic market. Today, ELG offers all vehicle financing options as well as a full range of services.

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